When will Shay Stop Vlogging?

When will Shay quit his daily vlogs?

This is a question we all want to avoid. However, at the same time, we all know that Shaytards isn't going to be forever. So when will the vlogs stop?

Let's take this into serious consideration. Shay, after hitting his third year, is going strong. With nearly 800,000 suscribers and a salary reaching up to $140,000 a year, Shay and his family have become financially healthy, as opposed to a couple of years ago where he was driving school buses and installing granite counter tops to support his family. So why would he stop anytime soon? At Vidcon, Shay explained that YouTube was paying his bills and supporting his family. His primary income comes from posting videos online. And he loves to do it. So, not only do I not see a reason for Shay to stop soon, I don't see how he can.

But, he isn't going to vlog everyday for the rest of his life. Shay is going to stop sometime, and that day will be a sad day for us all. However, I believe that Shay will pick the right choices and opportunities for the best of his family. When Shay does stop his daily vlogs, I personally believe he will stop so he can fly out to Hollywood and film. I believe that somehow, he will become even more famous than he already is. He will not only be an internet personality, but a television personality. Shay isn't going to stop YouTube before he finds something better. And not a lot of things are better than making $140,000 per year making videos from your house. So whatever it is that Shay finds, it's going to be for the best.
H.T.: S.W.


  1. i think it'll be when his kids are older and won't like being on camera all the time. maybe when they start having bigger issues than scraped knees etc.

  2. wow! how do you know he makes so much from youtube videos? good for him and his family! :)

  3. I dont think he's going to stop for a long time. once the day does come, mommytard would have to find a job, Shay would have to find one also. can you imagine what their grocery bill is??? their dog alone would make me go broke. youtube is paying them very well. thats a sweet house they live in

  4. we don't have to worry, he'll be around for a pretty long time. He makes profit from his videos. Without it, Shay will have to get a real job, and so will his wife. So in the mean time, we don't have to worry.