Don't Let the He Man Germ Kill You-Shaycarls first video

This is one of Shaycarls first videos.This is the video that Shaycarl sent in to PhilipDeFranco otherwise known as Sxephil.Shaycarl sent the video into Sxephil during a contest and Sxephil found Shaycarl to be funny and the rest is history.PhilipDeFranco like Shaycarl's video so much that he told his large audience about Shaycarl and that is how Shaycarl got started on his YouTube success.Obviously you must have things going in your direction to get publicized by such a famous YouTuber and even more so these days as YouTube has grown much larger.In this video Shaycarl goes into the odd fact that Hand Sanitizer bottles say that they kill 99.9% of all the germs on your hand but what about the other 0.1%,he asks in the video.To tell you the truth Shaycarl does not showcase too much of his great personality that all of his loyal fans have come to love,so I guess that it was god sent for him to be publicized by Sxephil.Anyway's for those who are huge Shhaycarl and Shaytards fans this is a good video because in essence this is where the whole journey started.

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  1. The first time I really got to watching his videos was by watching smp films "Not So interactive improv" That was halarious so I came over and watched theese videos