Shaytards Move Back to Idaho

The Shaytards have decided to move back to Idaho and leave California. So much has happened since the Shaytards originally left Idaho almost four years ago and move to Los Angeles, California to get together with other YouTubers. First the failed "The Station" channel was started. That failure eventually evolved into the very successful Makers Studios which was reportedly purchased by Disney for hundreds of millions of dollars. It is interesting to remember the YouTuber's that were originally part of the clan that no longer seem to be around. One person in particular that stands out is WhatADayDerek. All in all the past couple of years have been very eventful and full of successes for the Shaytards and their family. The reason for the Shaytards moving back to Idaho is very strong. They feel that they have accomplished many of their original goals but they seem to fear the possibility that they will or have lost some of their values in the craziness that is Los Angeles. In addition they are not able to spend as much time as they would like with their family in Idaho. We wish the Shaytards all the best with their move and in the future.     

The Shaytards Golden Era

With Shaycarl getting the supposed millions from the sale of Maker Studios to which he was a part owner of and therefore had a substantial holding of common stock. While there has been much speculation as to how much Shay is receiving the deal; he has said publicly on the vlogs that he and his family will not have to worry about money again. That is definitely a strong statement. But a good statement and  a happy one. Wow. How things have changed so positively for the Shaytards. For those of us that have been watching the vlogs since the beginning it has been a wild and happy journey. Some downs but mostly ups. Congrats to the Shaytards. All this makes me wonder. Whats next for the Shaytards? What do you think?

Maker Studios Bought by Disney for Over $500 Million

The company that Shaycarl and numerous other YouTuber's such as Kassem-G founded, Makers Studios, has reportedly been purchased by the media giant Disney. The CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, put out a statement regarding what Disney envisions in regards to their acquisition of Maker. Although this has not been talked about much, it is safe to believe that Shaycarl is now a multimillionaire. Obviously this is not something to be jealous of, but rather something to aspire to and more importantly be inspired by. Congratulations to Shaycarl, his wife Katilette, the Shaytards, and the rest of the Maker Studios family on this momentous occasion. 

Shaytards Family

The monumentally positive effect that the Shaytards family has had on the lives of countless individuals is mesmerizing. It is especially heartening because the positive energy is especially directed at young people Day in and day out for a number of years, Shaycarl and his wife Katilette have shown the world how to live a happy life. They have shown many that it is possible to raise a family in a wholesome and fulfilling manner. As we all know, such a way of living is not very common in this day and age. Suicides run rampant and a surprisingly large percentage of the world is on anti depressants. It is so very strikingingly AMAZING to witness a family that is doing things right. For these reasons, (and many others too) I want to give a big kudos to Shaycarl and his amazing wife Katilette. Great work guys!

Over 1 Million Views

We want to sincerely thank all the visitors to We recently surpassed 1.2 million page views to the site. Now I know that is chump change when compared to the mega sites but at the same time it is a big accomplishment. These views are a testament to the vast number of Shaytards and Shaytards fans. So, the Shaytards are currently still doing videos strong and the family seems happier than ever. They moved into a new house. They have a new addition to the family, and the kids are growing up fast. Who knew time would fly by so fast. Thank you to the Shaytards and Shaycarl in particular. Cheers!